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Nostalgia Peanut Butter Maker

#  NBM400
 Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Peanut Butter Maker

Treat Your Friends To Homemade Peanut Butter

Now you can make delicious, natural peanut butter at home anytime. The Peanut Butter Maker makes it fast and easy to whip up a variety of nut butters. Simply pour your favorite shelled and chopped nuts into the bin, turn the unit on, add oil and out comes fresh nut butter! Your Peanut Butter Maker works great with a variety of nuts, including:
• Peanuts
• Cashews
• Almonds
• Hazelnuts
• Macadamia Nuts
• Sunflower Seeds
and more!
Price: $24.99
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