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ARY Vacuum Packaging Machine

#  876140
ARY Vacuum Packaging Machine


ARY Vacuum Packaging Machine
VacMaster Pro 140 combines advanced technology and superb design for an
advanced home usage.
Our VACMASTER® PRO140 combines advanced technology and superb design. The PRO140 features a locking lid and an increased number of functions at the press of a button. This machine allows you to vacuum & seal, marinate meats, pulse vacuum delicate items and seal bags. In addition, the PRO140 makes a double seal on each bag to ensure a complete and lasting seal. With more features at an attractive price, the PRO140 would be a useful addition to any home kitchen. The PRO140 accepts bags and rolls up to 12" wide and works with all VACMASTER® accessories.

Was: $229.99  SALE Price:  $219.99
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