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SIIG Solar Battery Power Adapter

# CECH0112S1
  SIIG, Inc
SIIG Solar Battery Power Adapter



SIIG Solar Battery Power Adapter

Solar powered on-the-go battery charger. Easily charges electronic devices while on the go, including iPhone/iPod*, mobile

phones, PDAs, portable game systems, MP3 players and more. High-quality rechargeable Lithium-ion battery recharges

easily via solar power or computer systems USB port (with included USB charging cable) Extends talk time up to 2 hours,

up to 4 hours of video, or up to 20 hours of music Includes adapter tips for use with various Motorola, Samsung, LG,

BlackBerry , Palm, Nokia, HTC, and more

Compatible with any USB powered portable device

*Use iPhone/iPod USB charging cable supplied with iPhone/iPod



Price: $29.99
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