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Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

Eaton Corp

 Maker of Quality Electronic & Solar Sound Systems

Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers

#  NFR360WXB
 Eaton Corp
Hand Crank Cell Phone Chargers


American Red Cross FRX3 Weather & Alert Radio
Fast Emergency  Smartphone & Tablet Chargers


Hand Turbine/Solar digital NOAA, AM/FM, Weather Alert Radio with


Smartphone Charger, flashlight, clock/alarm BLACK

The Etón FRX3 with 4 power options; solar, hand turbine, AAA battery, or DC input ensures you're always prepared. More than a preparedness radio in addition to 24/7 weather ALERT updates for your area it provides a USB smartphone charger and LED flashlight. Be ready for anything.


Price: $59.99
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